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Couldn't get out of managua fast enough so got up early, said bye to the boys and headed to the bus station...i arrived there to absolute chaos..the boys had warned me what it was like but still wasn't expecting the noise, the people and all the shouting...i got out the taxi and straight away hundreds of people all round me grabbing me trying to get me on their bus...all i could hear was men shouting 'gringa, gringa, gringa!'...

i said i wanted to go to granada and that was it - my bag was gone and on top of a bus so i just followed him, ignoring all the other shouts and hasslings and got on and just hoped for the best!..fortunately i ended up in granada an hour later - a really pretty colonial town - although these towns are all starting to look the same..but its still much nicer being there than big sprawling cities..

i checked into a really cool hostel and decided to spend the day chilling out there in my hammock rather than going out feeling the strain of all the travelling over the last couple weeks and need a rest! is also ridiculously hot here and am finding it hard to do anything!

then 2 of my friends that i'd met in san pedro a few weeks earlier turned up that evening, which was a nice coincidence has hadn't expected to see them so soon...fredrik (swedish) and michael (english) so spent the evening having few beers and catch up with them and we're all heading off tomorrow and going to travel around nicaragua together for a am going to be travelling with 2 guys again - v nice and easy so can relax a bit!

dont think internet is that great in nicaragua so might be a bit quiet for a while but will do my best!...still got all of mexico to write up yet so getting a bit behind on the blog!

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