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Big girl made it on the ferry!

Attack of the killer sand spurs!

First night sunset

First night moonrise

Sunset on the dune

Angry ocean

We put kayaks in here 2 days earlier!



No Mail!

Sculptured by the wind

Sand mushroom

Sand balls

Oh no Mr. Bill!



Old beam

Long beam


Sea rust

Big mast


Salty dog


Stake forest

Wood and Iron

Wood and iron

Wood face

Wood head


End View

Sand button

Sand Canyon

Sunset dock


Heading out fishing

Dog poop detail

Washtime boondocking style!

Ahhh, this is more like it! Warm, sunny, good fishing, right on the beach. Now were talking. But alas, it was not to last. First some background.

It had been about 17 years since we had been to Ocracoke. The last time we camped here, we were in a tent and the kids were young (4 and 6?). It turned into one of those "adventure" vacations! A few days before we were to go home, a SE wind picked up and blew steady at about 15-20 knots. Needless to say being on the beach was mostly about getting sandblasted but we braved it. The next day we were at the beach and someone came over the dunes and yelled "Hey, is that your tent blowing down the road"? Sure enough, there it was....just a tumbling...

Now, fast forward to present time. Sunny weather, blue skies, light winds...for 2 days. Then a low developed off the coast and the winds picked up and up and up. By Saturday the rangers came by and warned of high winds and coastal flooding. The winds were forecast at 35-45mph with 60mph gusts. By Sunday the winds were high enough that they closed the ferries so we couldn't leave if we wanted to.

For the next 3 days we hunkered down, and literally rode out the storm. Not a lot of rain but plenty of wind, and being in an rv....

I made it out to take some pictures of the weather. The sculptures came from the lighter sand blowing away from the heavier "muddier" sand leaving behind some amazing shapes! If you look close, the pictures look "grainy" but that is sand blowing!

The shipwreck pics came from a wreck that washed up about a mile and a half up the coast from us. We have no idea what ship it was but it was said to be early 19th century judging by the construction techniques. Very cool!

The ferries reopened on Tuesday and the storm headed south to become the first named storm of Hurrican season. We stayed another week and Donna, Mike and their respective others came down for a few days and a fishing trip out to the Gulf Stream.

We caught a lot of croakers, blues and sand sharks on the beach before the storm. We didn't catch shit after the blow!

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