Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

My hostel (Calypso)...first time in a dorm since I've been away.

Typical street here

The lagoon, and yes it started to rain dammit!

Weather stations, pretty impressed with these!

Tourist central. Yuck.

Ruth, sweetie!

Shops with haggling here! All a bit alien at the mo!

Shopping centre with no character whatsoever. Take me back to Asia!

Back at the hostel for dinner, with oh yes, roast pork! Lush!

Ruth hiding from the camera and Andrew on the left.

Saying goodbye to Ruth as she got on the Greyhound bus!

Some club, filled with backpackers, good tequilla fuelled laugh!

Well i'm finally in Oz and i'm finally starting this damn website again!

So, i'm in Cairns and this is my 3rd day here now and my god is it easy to meet other backpackers here. Don't think i'm going to be on my own at all over here! Had a great few days meeting other backpackers and partying but apart from that, Cairns as a city is not all that great. Seriously lacks any form of culture, is soooooooo expensive, and considering it's one of Australia's major towns there's just nothing special about this place. No pretty buildings, just tourist shop after tourist shop, standard shopping malls, and token irish bars. Oh, and it's rammed with backpackers watching screens of bungee jumps and skydives. I don't think i've met one australian yet - even the people who serve you in shops are backpackers earning some cash. But, must not be (too) negative about this country as i won't enjoy my 6 weeks here, but so far I've figured that i need to stop expecting culture from such a western country, just enjoy doing the adventure things here like scuba diving, sailing the whitsundays etc etc and meeting other backpackers. It's just such a shock from beautiful Asia.

Off to do some scuba diving off the great barrier reef and horseriding on the beach up at cape tribulation tomorrow for a 3 day tour and i can't wait for that!

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