2006-Allan and Joel's Excellent Adventure travel blog

We are at home now, as most of you are aware.

I just wanted to make a quick note to thank everyone for looking at the site from time to time and helping share our little adventure. I know it was a bit slow at times but I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing it. Writing this site was, for me, a very special experience, almost as special as the journey itself.

Just one last quick note. Journeys like this are an incredible thing. They allow you see other places in a different light [both away and at home], think differently about people in the world [both away and at home] and really make you appreciate what you have in life. They can also change how you view the day to day and how you live in the world. Epic trips can change your perspective on yourself, bring a little peace to your world and, hopefully, change you for the better. I highly recommend a voyage like this to everyone at least once in their life. I hope that Joel and I can keep the spirit of our little journey alive in our hearts for a long time and, if anyone notices that we are not, I hope they will remind us.

This site will be up until about July 12, 2006. If you want to show it to others or just relive certain moments, please feel free. After that, I am burning it onto a DVD so that when I am old and senile [Joel already is so maybe I'll make the DVD sooner], I can look back on the journey and remember how it really changed my life.

Please email us at allan@adogandaduck.com if you have comments.

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