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Looking out at the Rhine at Rees

Lovely wisteria

Bridge across the Rhine

barges on the Rhine

Looking out at the Rhine from Emmerich

View of the rhine from emmerich

The Ducal stables

Looking up at the tower of the Swan Castle

The Swan Castle

The weather was not that good so we decided to do a bit of a drive tour to have a look at the Rhine River. We headed for the small town of Rees and discovered a lovely river side walk with sculptures and old town walls. The river was busy with regularly transport barges going up and down.

We then drove on to the larger town Emmerich which although had a promenade is was more touristy. Again the barges kept going up and down the Rhine!

Our final stop was the town of Kleve. Where we walked up to the Swan Castle home of Anne of Cleves, the fourth wife of King Henry VIII one who did not loose her head! Swan Castle dominates the skyline of Cleve and is now the Law Courts.

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