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A view of the St. Louis River from look-out point on the...

Willis and Blayde at the lookout point on the Veterans Evergreen Memorial...

Willis found a shell... he calls this shot... "Mr. Scary Hair at...

A view of Duluth looking across the Duluth Harbor Basin from Park...

Lots of big ships on Lake Superior.

Looking at Duluth from north of town. We drove across the Aerial...

Another view of Duluth, taken from the North Shore at a pull-out...

Looking along the coast of Lake Superior just outside of Duluth, MN.

Standing on the edge of Lake Superior looking towards Duluth.

Willis and Blayde in front of Lake Superior.

See the red star? That is where the next picture was taken...

Lake Superior is one BIG lake!

Pretty blooming wildflowers all along the trail.

Lake Superior has clear water... but too cold to swim in!

We drove through this tunnel...twice!

Another wildflower picture...

Looking north along Lake Superior's shoreline.

We had a pretty day for a hike... July - sunny -...

Another shot of the shoreline looking north along Lake Superior.

A friend suggested we be sure to stop at Betty's Pies... yummy!

Pie break!

A serious looking fellow along the way (just north of town in...

After working 12 days straight we found ourselves with Friday and Saturday off to go out and explore a bit of Minnesota. With two days of freedom, and an itch to go exploring, we decided to head for Duluth.

Driving north on interstate highway 35 we quickly arrived to Scenic Byway Route 23 (named the Veterans Evergreen Memorial Scenic Byway), and enjoyed driving through quaint towns such as Askov, Bruno, and Kerrick. Before we knew it we were in Duluth!

I can proudly say I maneuvered our Clyde right through the middle of Duluth, across the famous Aerial Lift Bridge, to Park Point and back! The Aerial Lift Bridge was originally built in 1905 I am fairly certain that the designers did not imagine RV’s driving across it when they built it. Thank goodness the speed limit on the bridge is 15 mph.

Although the weather was perfect for sightseeing, the parking availability for a vehicle our size in the heart of town was not readily available, so we decided to drive on up the coast a bit rather than spend a lot of time in downtown Duluth.

The area north of Duluth, referred to as “the North Shore” is lovely. We made frequent stops to appreciate the scenery and then made a stop for lunch at the posh New Scenic Café (where I enjoyed seared sea scallops and then a crème brûlée).

We continued north enjoying the wildflowers and wildlife along the way. At one point I spotted a bald eagle, but in my excitement said, “Oooh, look Willis, an American Eagle!” Without dropping a beat Willis said, “You do realize that we are close enough to Canada he may be a Canadian”… he can be such a smarty pants.

By late afternoon we were ready for a break so we stopped, on the advice of some of our Minnesota friends, at a place called Betty’s Pies in Two Harbors, Minnesota. As per their website, in the summer months this “pie shop” (they do have a full menu if you want more than pie) makes approximately 300 pies everyday! For those who prefer sugar free pies, you can order them at Betty’s, but I went for the full sugar blast of a 5 layer chocolate pie…yummy!

As Friday started to wane we headed for our last stop of the day, the Black Bear Casino, where we enjoyed a delicious dinner and plenty of room in their parking lot to park/sleep for the night. The cards were not friendly, so I lost $30 by the time I called it quits, but the playing was fun and they do have a non-smoking area in their casino (which I really appreciate).

We rose Saturday morning to find the sun was no longer shining but the rain had moved in. A wet and gray 60 degrees didn’t sound too promising for sightseeing so we headed back into the casino for a hearty breakfast and a bit more gaming. I played, winning then losing, before ultimately walking out another 45 cents down… total loss $30.45… I suppose that is around what an RV park would’ve cost for the night had we not stayed in the casino parking lot, so I really can’t complain.

Having decided to slowly head back to our summer spot in East Bethel, we made a few stops along the way to shop for groceries, look at new Mac’s (our laptop keeps threatening to die), and took Blayde to a pet store to let him pick out some new toothpaste.

Our days off over we prepare for another work week. We are so enjoying this Minnesota weather, even the rain, and all the nice people we have met up here. We are making plans for our next trip to Duluth (now that we have a sort of “lay of the land”) as well as some ventures into the Twin Cities. Did you know that the King Tut exhibit is in St. Paul for the summer? I may need to go check that out!

Happy Travels,


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