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Art square

In the garden

Watch your han there Tony!

Dead body sculpture

The Head

Schloss Moyland

Interesting windows

Schloss again from the herb garden

Another view

The herb garden

The North Tower

Nice shady place if the sun was shining!

Male or Female?

The castle from the front

Corridor in the Schloss

The front entrance

View across the schloss from the North Tower

The surrounding countryside

Looking down again

The herb garden from the North Tower

We had moved to Womopark Moyland a stellplatze next door to Schloss Moyland in Bedburg-Hau. The journey went well; the only tense moment was just turning into the stellplatze trying to avoid the many signs. The stellplatze was huge with over 50 numbered places and in fact was really a campground in all but name. We found a spot and set up. Again like the last stellplatze we paid at a machine for the number of nights we wanted and at 15 Euros for three nights it was a bargain. In addition we had to pay 2.50 Euros for 24 hours of electricity (16Amp).

After setting up we wandered across to the information centre 400 yards to discover some information about what we should see in the area. As well as the Schloss we discovered we were in an area of significant Roman history much to our surprise.

The next day despite the light rain we visited Schloss Moyland. The castle name derives from the Dutch word “Moiland” which means "beautiful country". The castle had a long history going back to the 1307 when it started life as a fortified farm. Over the years it had many owners, including a Prussian King, who remodeled or rebuilt the castle.

The castle survived the battles of WWII and was in 1945 Field Marshal Montgomery’s headquarters in the Allies invasion of Germany. It was also at this time that Winston Churchill came to Moyland following observing Operation Plunder- the Rhine crossing of the British Army. However after the allies left the interior was robbed and vandalised. In 1956 a fire further damaged the castle. In the late 1980’s repairs were started on the castle and with the aid of a charitable foundation the castle was eventually restored and now houses the modern art collection of the brothers Hans van der Grinten and Franz Joseph van der Grinten, collected over 50 years. A major focus of the collection are the works by Joseph Beuys.

As we were stopping at the stelleplatze we got a discount to the castle plus two token for coffee in their restaurant. With umbrellas up we first explored the garden with a collection of sculptures some Tony was impressed by! We then went into the castle although now museum white walls you got an impression of the grandeur of the castle. Some of the sculptures were interesting although the art posters were a little beyond Tony’s comprehension! We were able to climb the North Tower and got views despite the rain over the surrounding countryside.

An interesting and different visit.

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