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Happy Easter!!!

Wow! Can life take turns we weren’t expecting! Let me try to catch you up…

First off, my week in D.C. with the kids was wonderful. What a lovely time of year to visit them. The flowers are blooming, the weather was divine (except for Saturday), we ate at some amazing restaurants, the sightseeing was fun and the best part (for me) was the time spent with Mark and Julia. It was a wonderful week and one I will always remember.

I returned home on Tuesday to find a large group of our friends had planned a surprise dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. There were 12 of us all total and Willis and I so enjoyed the time with our friends.

Wednesday morning was spent going to the dentist and shopping. Then on Wednesday afternoon Lynne and Ron invited us (and others) over for a Subway Sandwich party to mark the end of this Rio Grande Valley winter season.

Thursday morning we headed north…

Now, here is where I really need to catch you all up on where and why we headed north... On rather short notice we accepted positions at a RV resort just north of Minneapolis for the summer. This delightful opportunity was presented to us a day or two before the D.C. trip and then confirmed and finalized on the Saturday I was in D.C. Because they needed us here in Minnesota in order to get things up and running for the summer season we had to pretty much leave the Rio Grande Valley as soon as we could (Thursday morning) and drive with focus to get here.

This opportunity provides both good and not so good consequences. On the down side: we have had to change our plans to stop and visit many of the family and friends we were looking forward to seeing this summer. Our commitment here in Minnesota is until after the Labor Day weekend, so our scheduled trip to Montana this year is now on hold. To my parents, our northeast Texas friends, as well as Dave, Leslie, Dianne and Paul… please accept our apologies for retracting our plans to visit you this summer. Willis and I were really looking forward to the visits, but will now have to adjust our agenda to see you.

On the good side, however, we have settled into a very nice spot for the summer. Spring is just now thinking of making an appearance in this part of the country (a few leaf buds are starting to show on the trees) and we are meeting lots of nice people. Willis and I are both excited about exploring this part of the country and seeing all the sights on our days off.

I will post some pictures as soon as I take them. We were in such a rush to get here to Minnesota that we didn’t stop to sightsee or take any pictures along the way. We have discovered that there is much to do to bring a resort out of its winter sleep and prepare it for guests for the brief summer season (and this will be a fun and satisfying challenge we look forward to) but we also plan on seeing all we can of Minnesota while here. Although we stuck to the major roads to get here, we plan on going back to the Rio Grande Valley this winter via a much slower and more scenic route with frequent stops to see our friends and family along the way.

So that is about it with us. I’ll keep you up as we sightsee and explore Minnesota this summer. I already tried some Minnesota walleye for dinner last night with some of our new friends. It was a very tasty fish dish so I can see why walleye is so popular here!

Happy Travels,


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