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Gates House No 1

Gate House No 2

River Ijssel

One of the spires

The impressive Ijssel Bridge

Boats along the river

The Raadhuis

The Nieuwe Toren -famous for its annual cow being pulled to the...

The canal running through the town

Looking along the street to the 3rd Gate House

Gate House No 3

The funny harbour at Vollenhove

Ruin of the fortress at Vollenhove

Blokzijl Harbour

Boats coming through the lock into the harbour

A swing bridge

Leaning houses in Blokzijl

Today we started our exploration by visiting the town of Kampen which again was an old seaport. The special feature of this town was the impressive turreted 14th century town gates and the large number of towers around the town not necessarily on churches. There was also the impressive Ijssel Bridge over the River Ijssel on which the town stands.

From Kampen we then visited the small village of Vollenhove which again was a flourishing sea port which had bastions and ramparts which no form a side of the Vollenhover Canal. We sat and enjoyed a drink overlooking the harbour a rather strange circular shape encased with grassy banks.

From Vollenhove we visited Blokzijl a rather pretty former seaport and busy with yachts and boats coming into the harbour for the evening.

All the places we visited had a lot of charm so it had been a lovely relaxing and enjoyable day in the sunshine.

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