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We thought it was going to be a cloudy and cool day so we decided we would visit the Paleis Het Loo in Apeldoorn. The palace was built for William III of Orange and his wife Mary II of England between 1684 and 1686. This was just before what has become known as the “Glorious Revolution” took place, when William invaded Britain. This eventually resulted in King James II (Mary’s father) being deposed and fleeing from the country. He ruled jointly with his wife Mary until her death in 1694 and then continued to rule England until his death in 1702.From 1672 he was Stadtholder William of Orange of the Netherlands.

The palace was the royal residence of the Dutch Royal Family until the death of Queen Wilhelmina in 1962. The palace was given to the state on the proviso that it would be returned to the family if the monarchy was abolished.

We arrived at the palace to find quite a long queue to buy tickets. When we got to the ticket hall we found that they had only got two of the ticket desks open out of the four. We bought our tickets but we were not given any plan of the site which is common in England or any audio guide. The first building we came to were the huge stables block which now housed a display of carriages and harnesses. We then followed the crowd and walked down to the palace. After passing through the main gates we realised that we had to then queue once again to get into the palace. We were starting to get concerned that it was starting to get very hot and sunny as we had left Daisy in the car expecting it to rain and be cool. Tony had had enough of the queues so he headed back to the car.

Heather eventually got into the palace. It turns out the crowds were more than expected mainly because the coronation robes of the new king were on display within the palace. Most people were queuing to see the robes which were displayed in a small room with limited accessibility. Once passed the robes it was then easy to wander through the palace admiring the elaborate rooms. However there was limited information on each of the rooms. After the palace a quick visit to the not very spectacular gardens.

Looks like the Netherland National Museums need to take some advice from some of the English stately homes or even the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina!

After lunch we headed back but stopped to give Daisy a walk in Veluwe. This time we walked through forest, heath and sand dunes. Would you guess it decided to rain as we were half way round our walk!

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