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A white aligator at the aquarium

This is Nicolas Cage's monument - he is still alive though...

Lots of places are decked out for halloween


Baby aligator

Sandra Bullock's house

Not quite platform 9 and three quarters, but same thinking

I must say that New Orleans has been my most favourite place here so far.

And it is because of the people. So nice. So polite, kind, helpful, friendly.

The food is awesome, too! I managed to try some of the dishes New Orleans is famous for – including prawns and grits, gumbo and crab. All very yummy. I’m yet to try their Jambalaya, but we’ve only got dinner tonight to go, and given the size of lunch, I think dinner will be skipped.

We have been staying on the edge of the French Quarter. Close enough to everything, but with just the right distance from the craziness of Bourbon Street.

It’s been nice not to have to worry about driving, either. We’ve done tours, relaxed, eaten, walked a bit and had a very nice time.

Day one was just getting our bearings.

Day two was visiting the old cemetery, Bourbon Street and their really nice aquarium.

Day three was a river cruise up the Mississippi.

Day four was a Swamp Tour (quite Hicksville, but got to hold a baby alligator!)

Day five was exploring the lovely Garden District.

We both really liked it. It was a very pretty place.

Tomorrow we are off to Miami!

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