it's off to Central America travel blog

my room


on the boat crossing Lake Izabal





San Felipe Fot




















a cold river with a hot waterfalls




the gang






hot waterfalls

some school boys by the water falls



boat capitn








Ihave a eye on you


let's go for a swim


watch cat at entry of me room



hotel dog under fed lol

water towers

up to my room


sunrise Rio Dulce



up this morning for some coffee, it is self serve so can have more then one cup, lol some breakfast then off on a boat ride across Lake Lago de Izabal to go to a hot waterfall, there is a small river of cold water passing under the waterfalls so when you first get into the river it is cold then make your way to the waterfalls it warms up. The water in the falls is very hot so can only spend a short time under it. When we got to edge of the lake was to have a drive meet us and take us to the falls about 1 1/2 km away but the driver hade been on a drinking spree and would not be found so had to walk to the falls. Was nice hanging out there at the falls then it was back to the boat this time was able to get a ride part way, back across the lake for some lunch then back to our hotel for some down time. A few beers some dinner and bed

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