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Motorcycle for wheelchair

Honey shop


Another beautiful day in southern Arizona, just a little chilly with a heavy wind blowing. Glad we are not on the road today because of the wind. Still the sun is shining and you can’t beat that. Today will be a lazy day, do some things on the motorhome, and wander downtown to see what is happening. We did venture onto a couple of motorcycles that are set up for people in wheelchairs. They are from Canada, what a long ride it must have been, but I thought they were kind of neat. Also the Killer Honey shop was operated by a man that lived in Kalamazoo many many years ago. Didn’t get to talk much because he was selling honey. Also got a shot of the Firehouse that opened in 1880, kind of neat since the town burnt down in 1882. We just done some more shopping looking at stuff that was for sale. This has been a great stop for us because we both really enjoyed our time here. Tomorrow is traveling day so we will be leaving in the morning for Tucson. We stopped at the OK Café to have lunch and met a couple from Arkansas, which he was retired US Navy. We struck up a conversation so they joined us for lunch. It was really nice, they were a wonderful couple to talk with over lunch. They were doing the motel travel but will be returning home by the end of February. We said our goodbye’s and returned to the motorhome.

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