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From the castle

Stained glass

The 2 ton silver tomb

Stained glass from the cathedral

The astronomical clock

The dates and months of the year

A huge day of walking starting by driving up to the obligatory castle/palace/fort/church/cathedral. I group them like this because this one is a combo of all things. Massive in area it really was awe inspiring to see the work particularly in the cathedral. Truly amazing to see the architecture and the engineering skill that went into something so old that still stands today. The stained glass was beautiful, pipe organs, carvings, sculptures, a 2 ton silver tomb amongst others. This is the town of all things Wenceslas of course and it wasn't long before we'd heard all about him. I'm no longer sure about blood being thicker than water, after the amount of inter familial murders, backstabbings and intrigue. All the royal families are inter related, and none were immune from conspiracies for thrones, power, control and heirs.

Wenceslas may have been a good king but his brother stabbed him in the back. The song comes from England not from here but is taught in English class for the 5th lesson.

From the castle we slowly walked back into the old town via so much medieval stuff, buildings, bridges, churches, the Jewish quarter etc. I was totally buggered by the end of it... David said to me near the end... Look Lynne is finished. She can hardly walk. I offered her my walking stick and she almost snatched it out of my hands. I'm not sure she even said thanks. Anyway... I survived that and we dagged around a bit more having lunch in the main square and a walk to Charles bridge where all the saints were sculptured as well. We sat outside for lunch for which we had to pay a premium but apart from being overheated with the big outdoor gas furnaces was really good. Lots of live performances to watch and people gazing.

We had to contend with huge numbers of other groups, particularly Asian people. They don't behave well in gaggles. At the toilets the all crowded in to such an extent that the people in there couldn't get out. The young attendant who should have been monitoring it, but was on the phone got quite angry with everyone when she saw what had happened and the chaise that had been caused.

There was a statue of a young boy, anatomically correct. All the Asian women seemed to have to grab hold of his private bits and so he had a golden tossle. They'd rubbed the color of it, they'd given it such a working over.

There was another guy, a very short, older Asian guy who ran everywhere, not wanting to miss out. Always panicking about what was around the next corner. He cracked me up. What a way to have a holiday.

It was also the day to bid farewell to Roly. We dutifully handed over our tips and said goodbye. He did seem like a good bloke even if he was a kamikaze pilot.

After lunch Libby and the boys went to Wenceslas square but I knew I needed to rest so I went back to the motel and just rested. We all met up at 6ish for a drink before dinner.

Dinner was across the road at a very popular place where we had a preplanned three course meal organised.

It was potato soup served in a bread loaf.... So salty....

Then goulash and dumplings... My meat was tender, but some others had sinewy in edible stuff, again salty... We all got 4 big slices of dumplings and all of is managed only 1 bit. Sweets which followed on immediately was apple strudel. 3/10. It had icecream with nuts or a nutty flavor but it tasted a bit rancid. I ordered red wine but didn't like it so swapped with Kevin, who had almost finished his white. David asked for a small beer but got 1/2 litre.

The food and drinks just came out one after the other and we were bundled back out an hour later. Seriously I would rather have gone to bed with no dinner. It wasn't bad, but it really wasn't good. Mass produced boarding school food. I'd rather pay and get something nice at a better place.

I was a little annoyed with the claw when I gestured to Kevin to pay for my wine. He said yes. Lynne said just because Kevin drank it doesn't mean he has to pay for it, you ordered it.. Instead of telling her to mind her own frigging business I smiled and said, oh but you mustn't have seen me pay for the boys drinks at the bar just now. Seriously... Mind your own bloody business we've been friends for 25 years I think we have it sorted!! She has the smallest mind of anyone I've ever met.

We strolled again after dinner and Kevin steered us towards the shops where I knew he was determined to buy something. He seems to like to get clothes from our travels. And he did. A pair of black jeans for $20 Australian.

So he's going home with a jumper from Estonia, work pants from Warsaw I think and now jeans from Prague. A truly international lad.

I was pleased to go to bed and lie flat. Not looking forward to the flight.

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