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Rose of Tralee fireworks celebration

Gallus Oratory: 9th century church in original condition

Flowers along road on Dingle Pennisula

Ancient stone sundial on Dingle Pennisula

Drink, Repair, Ride. Love the pub signs!

We spent a few days on the Dingle peninsula which was very beautiful. We got to hear more Irish traditional music including an Irish bag pipe. It is different from the Scottish bag pipe in that you do not blow into it. There is a bellow that the musician plays with his arm that forces air into the bag. The advantage, according to the musician, is that you can drink a pint while playing.

We are now in the town of Tralee and were lucky enough to be here on the final night of the Rose of Tralee Festival. It is the third largest festival in Ireland and runs for five days. The big event of the festival is the crowing of the Rose. The rose is any young woman who is Irish or Irish descent so people come from all over to participate. Supposedly the winner is picked only on personality and not looks (yea, right). This year's "rose" was a rose from Dallas, Texas who was originally from Phoenix, AZ. But the fun part of this festival was the music and dancing. There was a rock band that played old Irish tunes with a rock and roll twist. People were dancing like crazy in the street. We also went into a local pub to hear more traditional Irish music. It really is fun in the pubs listening to the music. I think it is what I like best about Ireland.

Our new culinary delight is Irish brown soda bread. It is made with baking soda, not yeast, and sometimes it kind of smells like dirty socks, but it is so delicious!

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