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Bondi Beach sign

In front of Bondi Pavillon

Bondi Beach





See the foam

Oct. 13, 2012 We went on a most delightful hike with Lynne and John today. It took us along the coast and through Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach is world famous as a surfer’s paradise. To me, it was too chilly to be out in the ocean catching the waves, but, sure enough, the hard core surfers were out there. The water is pristine aqua blue interspersed with dark almost black areas of deeper water.

At the points, the waves crash in and look like milk on the top of a latte. Swirling, swirling around the rocks it went—just beautiful.

It was a 6 kilometer hike which took us over the beaches, up rocky stairs to overlooks, by an old cemetery and through a brushy area. We walked rather slowly since one of us insisted on taking numerous breaks for Kodak moments. We also lost time by searching for geocaches, my new passion. I discovered that Lynne really enjoys the hunt so she helped G and I searches for caches that she already had obtained. We also were able to find caches that were new to her. It felt so good to be hiking on a beautiful, cool Sydney day!

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