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The journey began by moving out of my winter home up to the parking lot of a nearby casino for the night. I had dinner at a relatively new Cuban restaurant with my Florida family and a couple of friends. Jeanne just had her last day of work and is now a retired lady! We had a great time with lots of laughs and good cheer. After saying my goodbyes to them and to the dogs, I spent the night at the casino. While the parking lot was very full (took me awhile to find a spot somewhere near my home), things were quiet and peaceful.

This morning, I hooked Edna (full name is Edna Eggplant, the color given for my Honda) up and started out at 8 AM. The morning was fine but the day got quite hot. The generator still does not work while I'm going down the road, so i am very glad the vehicle's air conditioner is enough to keep me from sweltering while driving!

I was able to make contact with and actually visit Deb and Laura (RVing friends) outside of Jacksonville. We spent about an hour catching up, then I drove the last hour or so to my first destination. After getting set up and contacting Jeanne, it rained here just enough to get the windshield wet which made cleaning the bugs off very easy to do!

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