We started the day at 9AM with a bike trip. We drove to Shell Beach and toured the sce the scnic Pacific coast for some three miles. The coast is rocky and especially scenic.We explored some of the many coves and rocks as the surf rolled lightly near us. A family of seals basked in the sun on a rock island not far away. Seagulls soared from the nearby cliffs and were with their newborn chicks. A trio of Kayaks were riding the surf like surfboards. The off coast breeze blew crisply. The sun gleaned off the greenish blue water and the smell of the sa.lty air filled our noses. It is a perfect way to live life. The residents young and old stroll the walkways in joy as they begin their day.

We then drove to Port San Luis where we biked the harbor edge and then went inland on the Bob Jones Bike trail which followed the edge of the golf course and wound through the trees passing over a stream at one point. The temperature warmed from the low 60's to the mid 70's as soon as we got a few hundred yards inland.We rode back through the small and picturesque village of Avila and paused to walk out to the end of the old quarter mile municipal pier for a scenic view of the coast with the mountains in the background. Fisherman are scattered about trying their luck off the pier. Gulls circle and strut about on the ancient wooden planks.

We then returned to the San Luis Harbor past campsites of RV's populating the side of the road enjoying the view of the bay. We finished our ride here having traveled 12.2 miles. We then walked to the end of the wooden harbor pier and had lunch at the Old Port Seafood restaurant . It is a rustic old sea hut with fabulous seafood. I had a seafood ciapino that was loaded with scallops,fish,shrimp,squid,clams. Bill had Calamari, Barb crab salad and Nancy fish tacos. All was right out of the ocean and so tender and tasty. Great seafood is so easy to get in California and contrasts with Florida where the seafood is spotty and not often fresh nor well prepared-with the exception of the panhandle and the Keys. The end of the day was capped with a visit to Walmart!-which left Bill with indigestion.

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