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We take the easy option and book ourselves a plane ticket up to Hanoi. It is cooler in the north than we are used to but its almost nice to put on a sweater. We spend 2 lazy days in Hanoi just wondering around the shops in the old quarter and trying to decide what to do in our last week in Vietnam. It is both fascinating and annoying to survive in this hectic city with constant honking and rushing of people and cars and motorbikes everywhere. Watching the life from a streetside cafe is a little like watching a huge waterfall of sound and life and color and people appearing and disappearing at high speed in front of you... On one of our cafe-stops we see that 2-300 people have gathered around the city's central lake and are now standing silently staring into the water. We wonder what this is about, and it turns out that there is a >100 year old turtle living in the lake which is seldom spotted at the surface. We see more and more people rushing to the waterfront, and they stay for hours and hours watching, pointing and taking photos and videos with their cellphones.

From Hanoi there are loads of options up north in the mountains and further east on the coast, so we decide first to head for Halong bay and book a night on a boat.

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