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Ronald Reagan's 3rd grade class

The Flying White House

Marine One

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Berlin Wall

Entry to the Library

What a busy week the CoCo Locomoto has had. We spent several hours at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley California. The Library is very big and we learned some interesting facts and saw many things about the former President. Can you name the airplane that the President flies on during his presidency? The "flying white house" is on display in the library and we got to tour the inside of the plane to see where the President's office was aboard the plane (and by the way there were Jelly Belly Jelly Beans in his office on the plane). It is a Boeing 707 and served 7 Presidents: Nixon, Carter, Ford, Reagan, George H. Bush, Clinton and George W. Bush from 1973 to 2001. We also toured a full size replica of the Oval Office, decorated just as President Reagan had it the 8 years he served as our President. The Library also displays a real piece of the Berlin Wall, which President Reagan was instrumental in having come down with the famous " Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall" speech, and a "Marine One" helicopter every President uses. While he was in office, he visited 26 countries and during the month of December we were privileged to see a special display of how the Christmas trees are probably decorated in all 26 countries. President Reagan died in 2004 and is buried at the Library. The Library is filled with millions of documents and photos of President Reagan from his early childhood to his death and over 40,000 artifacts. Do you know which state he was born in? And do you know what he did that made him famous before he became President? He was also a good football player, radio announcer, governor of California and served in the U.S. Military.

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