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Jade dragon Snow Mountain

The Treats

The gondola thingie

Three out of 4 at the Black Dragon Pool

Our last real day in China.Started with brekky that was a marked improvement on yesterday. The thai omelette had been named a try omelette, but today it was delicious. I have to say we weren’t all that keen on this food from this hotel. Kevin wants a Big Yak meal now!

Onto a bus and off to the Jade Dragon Snow mountain. The photos are brilliant!!! They are so clever with how they set things up... To get onto the little bus to get to the cablecar/chairlift/gondola thingie we had to pass many shopping opportunities. I have photos of ‘treats’ that included starfish, seahorses and bats to name a few things. There seemed to be packs for one, and then party packs.

The cable car was a bit of fun, I’ve never been on one like that.

The mountain itself was a bit disappointing photo wise... the shots were better from the bus.

There were some silly people there who were stirring up the wild yak on the plain. Unfortunately they then came at David. David decided he didn’t need to be on the plain anymore. I was practising using the macro setting on my camera, when this lady ran, (I do mean ran) up to me, and shouted hello right in my ear, and then leaned right into me to see what I was photographing. Then she ran off. I have no idea what that was about.

From there we went to a traditional Naxi village. The food was beautiful. (Helen and I passed on the Yak, but the boys did try it.) They bought some cushion covers and a bowl. Where I buy carpets, they buy bowls. Big day today... Onto the black dragon pool. Dunno why it was called that but it was very pretty. We had another embroidery shopping expedition, and yet another opportunity in the Naxi cultural museum. All in all, I am now feeling extremely sick. I think I have a touch of the sun. Bad headache and I don’t know if I need to sit on the loo, or put my head in it. Unluckily for me we are at an airport and I don’t fancy spewing here. The toilets are all clean but they stink. Jason was going to take us to see another village where we could look at the way they lived. We had the sweets ready to give the kids, but as soon as we go off the bus we had to get back on. The townspeople said they had swine flu, but we think they didn’t want to catch it from us. We’ve had people cover their faces as we’ve gone by. Could be something o do with an ad they have running here... it’s a cartoon about H1N1 virus. In the ad it says it comes from America. So maybe the locals are a bit hesitant about people with round eyes.

So by the time we boarded I knew I was in serious trouble. I knew I was going to spew, but thought I would have the runs as well Keith kept asking me if I wanted one of his tablets but I knew that anything going in would make me sick. I was at the bit where you really cant talk. Jason then gave me some tiny little tablets that I thought he said were for altitude sickness. By the time id sucked it and it reached my stomach, I was heaving into the bag. We hadn’t even taken off!

I was sick a couple more times after that. I was too crook to be embarrassed.

When we finally landed, we had to get on a bus to get to the terminal. I knew I was in trouble again... I stepped off the bus with wobbly legs and almost passed out. So I got to a wall and slid down it and put my head between my knees for a bit. Another lady on our tour was also trying not to faint and spew. They carted her off in a wheelchair.I was ok enough to walk with support and we shuffled off to get our bags. I just sat and waited. I really couldn’t have cared whether I ever saw my luggage again.

We finally got into the bus, and I think Wendy then started to spew as well. We were all fairly grateful to be at the hotel. From being boiling hot and sweating, I was now very cold. Our bags took ages to come, but I got into bed fully clothed with by coat on. I wouldnt have managed with Helen and the boys. They were very kind. Apparently I looked pretty awful.

So Helen and I have had a very ordinary night, I was up and down to the loo and I had really bad aching legs. So in the middle of the night Helen was up mixing up gastrolyte for me. She finally slept, but I haven’t much. She’s got an awful cold, so we both feel very average.


David is now crook as well. Apparently he had to run a couple of times in the night and tried to eat brekky but couldn’t really. He’s now lying on his bed too. Ive left instructions about repatriating my body. I don’t think hes far behind.

So, its almost 11 now. We leave for the airport at 12 and fly out at 3.20 to Hong Kong, and from there back to Melbourne. We land at 7.30 in the morning.

We hpe you've enyoyed this as much as we have. Its been hectic, but lots of fun.. Jason has been fabulous andensured our holiday was a success.

See you all when we get back. Love from the 2 corpses, and Helen and Kevin.

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