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Memorial(look closer there are skulls in there!)

kid that begged for our water




phtograph of 2 khmer rouge soldiers

torture/killing instruments


insice a cell

torture devices

16 Jan

Hopped on the bus to the capitol of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Checked into the Top Banana guesthouse for $8 a night. Not too shabby, but Jamie and I figured we could do better for the same price, so we only stayed here 1 night.

17 Jan

We found a different guesthouse to stay in for the same price(TAT guesthouse), but this one had a samll cable tv and was much roomier.

The rest of the day was just draining, emotionally. We decided to check out the Choeng Ek Genocidal Center, that was once a killing field. This si one of the many killing fields in this country that reflects the most barbarious and cruel crime commiitted by the Khmer Rouge Regime. During 1975-79' about 20,000 people, including foreigners, were executed here. The big memorial charnel here has about 8,000 skulls and clothing to remember the spirits of the victims here at the site as well as the 3 million throughout the country that lost their lives to this bloody regime. The was a little kid on the other side of the fence that was begging for money and I told him no. Then he asked for water nd Jamie gave him his bottle.

On our way to our next stop there seemed to be a traffic jam. Once we got closer I saw what all the commotion was about. A gruesome motorbike accident and a person on the street being covered by a white sheet with blood, guts and intestines splattered next to. So you can rest assured that I didn't rent a motorbike here.

Next on the agenda was the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. This plce was once a highschool that was taken over and turned into a prison/torture facility and renamed S21. The classrooms were turned into torture chambers and equipped with various instruments to inflict pain, suffering and death. The instruments were still there on display along with graphic photography of the victims as they lay dying or already dead. The corridor displayed thousands of photographsof victims put to death and tortured here. There was also an hour long documentary film which more explained what happened and also personal stories of survivors and people working in the prison. This place was well worth seeing and a must in you ever get to Phnom Penh. Not for the faint of heart I must say.

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