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Breakfast at the ranch

A beautiful Argentina ranch house

Tiny Joani on a big horse!

The su family calvary

Do we look like gauchos (cowboys)?

Steaks for lunch, what else!

Big pieces of juicy steaks and ribs - best we had

Some Argentina organic wine to go with it

Drinking 'mate', an Argentina herbal drink

A real Gaucho

Nathan enjoying ranch's gun collection

Saying goodbye after a memorable day

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Joani galloping happily while everyone else watches in fear

(MP4 - 950 K)

Olivia had her eyes wide open as she experiences galloping for the...

I think today will go into the children's memory as one of the highlight for the whole trip. For the first time, they rode on horses without anyone pulling the rein of the horse and they all galloped on the horse (even Joani).

The day started with a nice traditional breakfast on the ranch. A spread we really like here is called Dulce de Leche, which is very much like soft carmel. It`s spread over bread together with butter -- yummy.

Then we went on a three hour horse ride around the ranch. Joani was able to ride herself as the ranch had a tiny saddle made by the owner for his grandson. Joani looked especially tiny on top of the horse. At first, we were a bit disappointed as we rode slowly on gravel road. Later, we turned into a grassy path and each one of us took turns gallopping on the horse. For everyone, the first time gallopping was literally an eye opening experience as we felt we could fall every second. After the 2nd time, the fear became pure joy and we can see the three children jubliant over the experience. Nathan was so natural with the horse and Joani showed no fear, although everyone else watched in fear!

After more riding, trotting, and galloping, we came back to the ranch for a nice BBQ (asado) lunch. As expected, there was steak and lots of it. It was the most tender steak that I have remembered eating. Olivia finished three steaks, plus potato, corn, veggies, sausages, all by herself. There were bottles and bottles of excellent organic red wine that all of us drank to our heart's content. The children all drank more than they should. It was just such a relaxing, fun lunch out in the lawn with the friendly host Enrique.

Joani was suffering allergy from the grass during the morning, so we decided not to continue riding in the afternoon, saving lots of money as well given it's not cheap. The children, especially Nathan, was sooo disappointed. I felt a bit bad for him and promised that we'll do more horseriding back in China.

For the rest of the day, the children continue to talked excitedly about the experience and get wanting to see the photos and videos.


1) The horseriding ranch by Enrique is definitely a must as his staff are very professional and he is very warm. Just enjoying the atmosphere is worth the money. For half a day of riding plus the big lunch is 130 Pesos and since there were five of us, we got 10% discount. For a whole day, it would be 190 Pesos. (

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