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The last sunset in Bismarck

An Ode to all the Dry Farming

Miles and miles of Hay

We had a great time at my Aunt & Uncle's Farm in Bismarck. Rod had a great time watching my Aunt's ducks. The mother duck was just teaching them to fly before we left.

We had fun target shooting out back (not at the ducks). Rod thinks he married Annie Oakly, cause' it turns out I'm a pretty good "shot". Rod would have like to get the badger that was harrassing the chickens each morning!

Our hats are off to all the Farmers across North Dakota. They bust there humps dry farming and raising cattle throughout the Spring and Summer and then they get tons of snow dumped on them the rest of the year. We just aren't that hardy after living in California.

We are passing thru Fargo on our way to Duluth. If you saw the movie "Fargo" you probably have a distorted view of the area. It's a whole lot different without any snow on the ground. It's actually quite green while traveling along I-94 and the people aren't all that weird like in the movie. They do talk a bit different and I'm having a tough time shaking the "you betchas" out of my vocabulary. I understand it gets worse as we head in to Minnesota and my "th's" are sounding like "d's".

We are heading up to the Great Lakes area for a more scenic drive along the Upper Peninsula as we make are way over to Ithaca, New York.

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