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Viewfrom our room

Bnayan Tree [hotel next door]

Did I mention that there are several people on the staff at The Sukhothai whose sole job it is everyday to fold the petals of lotus blossoms? Seriously, all of the flowers in the rooms, restaurants and lobby areas are either orchids, tuberoses or lotus blossoms. All of the lotus blossoms have at least the bottom five rows of petals folded back in either a ribbon or a triangle pattern. I saw two of the women who do that for a living today working on a bunch of blossoms for a wedding that is here. Cool job.

Being our last day here in Bangkok and The Sukhothai we wanted to make sure we made the most of our remaining few hours here. First, we got up really early, did some quick Wat touring, shopped for some pillowcases that we still hadn't gotten, visited the National Museum, rode a boat up the river, took a lunch cruise back down the river and, after the lite lunch of salad and water, went jogging in the park. Later in the afternoon, we cleaned our own hotel room and made our bed, took some orphan children for ice cream and kite flying before our audience with the crown prince and, finally, a sunset picture painting and napkin folding class. Good Times.


We got up around 9:30, took an hour to eat breakfast that consisted mostly of omelets, pancakes, bacon and fruit. Then we hung out by the pool for a few hours until it was time for lunch [pizza]. From 2:30 to 4:00, we packed and check out at 6PM. From 6:00 until 7:30, we walked around a bit and did some more shopping. At 7:30 we ate dinner at Celadon [best Thai food in Bangkok - nad that is saying a lot] and at 9:00 PM, our driver, Charlie, came to get us from the restaurant [as it is about 50 feet from the entrance to the hotel, it was an easy walk] to take us to the airport for our flight to Sydney at 11:30. Busy Day.

The flight was nice. Checking is was easy as we had our own personal butler from The Sukhothai who met the driver [even though he had only met us once, when we first arrived in February, he called each of us by our correct last name - how is that for service], went with us to claim the bag we left at the airport, carried our bags around the airport, checked us in for our flight, paid our departure tax for us and escorted us to the FasTrac passport check line. I think the whole process took 10 minutes. Far more efficient than when our personal butler from the Bandara checked us in at Samui or when we were check in by the guy from The Rayavadee in Krabi. Come to think of it, I am not sure we ever checked ourselves in for a flight or carried our own bags more than a few feet in Thailand. Let me think about that and get back to you. Yes, we did. We had to claim our own bag when we arrived in Samui and carried them to a taxi. And people think I am a princess. Nonsense!

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