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Our friends Jack and Jane.

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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A wide variety of groups... here is just a snip of one.

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I loved this family!

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I love this family, too!

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This little girl sure could fiddle and her 11 year old brother...

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Mountain Dew...

(MP4 - 2.14 MB)

Another snip of music... just to give you a taste of the...

Here are a few short video clips so you can get a taste of what we saw at the Rio Grande Music Festival on Wednesday, February 16, in Mercedes, Texas, with our friends Jane and Jack.

We are still enjoying ourselves here in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. Warm weather and good friends make it an excellent retreat from the cold north of here.

I'm headed off to the swimming pool now so...

Happy Travels,


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