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Tunica RiverPark Museum.

Large glass wall in the lobby has a great view of the...

Several aquariums display the native aquatic creatures.

Including this red eared slider.

Large dioramas displayed the wildlife native to the area along the river.



Moving freight by barge on the river is very efficient.

Dock area beside the museum.

The Queen was out on an excursion so didn't get any photos.

Not much barge traffic while we were there. This is the only...

This is a very large river!

(Ron Writing) We spent most of today driving north on MS-1 which follows the east side of the Mississippi River through small towns and very large farms. It’s a very rural area. The towns are small and the farms are large. Farming is done with very large modern machinery so few workers are needed. This is some of the best farm land in the United States. The top soil is very rich and is about 40 feet thick! I can remember thinking the 2 to 3 feet of black topsoil in northwest Iowa was really something. This area is on the floodplain of the river and has been getting topsoil brought in from the roughly 40% of the country drained by the Mississippi River.

This afternoon we stopped at Tunica, MS. We’d never heard of this small town before but today we learned that it is the South’s casino capital and is the third largest gambling area in the country! A few years ago this parish in MS was considered the third poorest, now with the casino business it’s the fastest growing and one of the richest.

We don’t care about casinos but we did spend a couple hours at the Tunica RiverPark. It’s a beautiful new facility which has a dock on the river where you can catch a riverboat cruise on a paddle wheeler, tour the museum and aquarium, or hike a couple miles of interpretive trails. We spent most of our time in the museum and aquarium enjoying the excellent exhibits about the history of the river and all aspects of navigation and flood control.

Late this afternoon we continued a short distance north on US-61 and east on MS-302 to Southaven, MS (just south of Memphis, TN) where we are spending the night in the Wal*Mart parking lot.

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