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Owen definitely has a cold. Neither one of us slept very well last night - me because I never sleep the night before a move and Owen because he is stuffed up and sneezing. At 6:15 this morning I heard him get out of bed and I was up like a jack rabbit.

After showering we pulled in the slides, pulled up the jacks, and disconnected from utilities. Before leaving the park I drove over to say goodbye to MaryJane and John. It was really early and John was still in bed but MJ was up and ready to give and receive big hugs.

Owen and I drove to the gas station, picked up breakfast, and then drove to Walgreens to get supplies to treat his cold symptoms. Now it was time to connect the car to the RV. At first the car lights didn't work but after cleaning all of the connections we got everything working just fine.

We stopped for lunch at the Texas Canyon rest area ( just after Tuscon) - an incredibly beautiful rock canyon - can't believe I didn't take pictures! After a few more hours we decided to stop for the night in Las Cruces N.M. A Mexican restaurant in historic Mesilla (mess-e-ya) was recommended so that's were we ate. The historic town square is interesting but LaPosta turned out to be cute but with only average food.

Hoping to make Kerrville by tomorrow night.

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