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Compared to the day before it was a glorious day. We had a lazy get up and a quick shopping top up trip. The key difference we found in food shopping is the limited range of fresh fruit and vegetables available but must admit the early Holland strawberries were lovely. In addition there is plenty of processed smoked meats and sausages but a limited range of fresh meat. Lamb is rarely available. Beef and pork are available but they cut their meat thin and with no fat because they pan fry or casserole. Getting a roasting joint or a whole chicken is an impossibility.

After lunch we headed a few kilometers to the coast.

The car park was full but then we realised there was a emergency services display going on plus a vintage or not so vintage car club rally. However we did find a place to park and found a lovely walk along the coast in the sand dunes. In the Netherlands you not only have a walking path but you also have a separate bike path. You can imagine which of the paths was the busiest.

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