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The Petroleum Museum, Midland, TX

Somehow I failed to take photos of any of the Petroleum exhibits...



There are 7 Chaparrals on display documenting the progression in the sophistication...




Front view of the Chaparral 2J "sucker car" design. About the only...

Rear view of the 2J.


(Ron Writing) This morning we toured “The Petroleum Museum” It’s rated a “gem” buy AAA and we would wholeheartedly agree. It’s the largest museum in the country devoted to the petroleum industry. It documents the development of the industry and the techniques used for exploration, drilling, and production. The displays are very nicely done and the building itself is very nice.

The same building houses a wing devoted to a large collection of original paintings by Tom Lovell. The paintings are beautiful and depict the history of the Permian Basin.

The Chaparral Gallery is really a separate museum within this museum. The Chaparrals developed by local legend Jim Hall and his team really revolutionized the design of race cars. Jim was an engineer who applied aerodynamics in new and innovative ways in the design of his cars. He made the cars as light as possible and then used aerodynamic pressure to “stick them to the track”.

After touring the museum we continued our trip east on TX-158 to Sterling City, TX and then southeast on US-87 to San Angelo, TX where we are spending the night in the WalMart parking lot.

The strong winds we’ve been having the past few days have finally diminished. We had a light tail wind and tonight at 11 PM it’s still 66° and calm.

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