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Clouds are gathering


We see lots of derelict places like this


Golden Wheat in Kansas

Driving over the dam at the campground

Waiting for the Rodeo start







He has to get the calf to the ground & tie his...

They have to do this as quick as they can to earn...



This little boy was only 8 years old & amazing to see...



This was brilliant to watch the way they manoeuvred a team of...


The dog goes with them to all the shows



Kids from 5-7 years old took part they have to get the...






These guys had to catch the cow then milk it stood up...










Corn Silo nearly half a mile long

37th State


On our campground

Well we survived the storm power kept going off through the night so we then got woken up as the fridge bleeps if the power is off so in the end switched it to gas. It is a lot cooler today drove to Manhatten a town about 35 miles away lovely scenic route. First thing this morning Wal noticed one of the tyres was down so took it into a tyre repair place quite amusing place it was like going back in time loads of old men sat about chatting, we stood there for ages waiting for somebody to help us eventually got it sorted, but it was fate going there today as I noticed a poster about a Rodeo that was on tonight had we not gone in there we would not have known about it.

So off to the Rodeo at 4.30pm it went on all evening & it was outside, we were frozen by the time we left at 10.45pm but it was worth it, it was brilliant some great photos. One poor cowboy ended up injured by a bull got taken away in an ambulance.

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