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Very misty outside this morning

The lights and power cord have been in this tree a VERY...

The yummy GF stall at the cow fair

Served by the Basque man in his beret

Lots of cows at the fete


And Basque farmers standing around leaning on cattle herding sticks

More cows..

And more farmers leaning on their herding poles

We, and many others, watch cows bei g loaded

Some loading was more simple than others

Interesting style church in Elizondo



Time to clean the bikes

It rained during the night and throughout the morning so rather than complete the climb and more importantly , the descent, on slippery roads we took a rest day in our comfortable hotel.

Rode into town in the afternoon only to find there had been a cow festival on with what seemed like lots of prizes awarded... but we missed all of that. Had no idea it had been on. Watched the goings on and the loading of cows on trucks and the general buzz of activities. There was only one stall left selling food and it was GF!!! So exciting. Tortilla sort of things made from corn with grilled sausages. Closest thing to a sausage sizzle we’ve seen

Stopped at a nice terrasse in the town for a drink before cycling back to hotel (couple of kms out of town) via little streets

Back at hotel we washed the bikes and chains on the back lawn. All ready to head to Pamplona tomorrow.


Very extensive buffet bar. €9pp


Sausages in soft taco things €4 pp

Dinner €22 pp

Scrambled eggs with ham and mushrooms (traditional basque dish) - T

Entrecôte steak with roasted potato wedge things and roasted pepper - T

Cheesecake - T

Meat stuffed peppers (rellenos) - P

Salmon with leek cream sauce - P

Icecream - P

Red wine

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