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2 for 1

First thing would be about garbage and the lack of any recycling. There may be other places in Arizona that do some kind of recycling but that effort is not seen here in Yuma. After staying here a month I can now vent without to much displeasure. ALL garbage here goes into the dumpster, beer bottles, aluminum pop & beer cans, any tins, plastics, cardboards, newspapers, etc. After living and breathing recycling in Canada for decades it is still difficult to make this toss, but I have resigned myself to the fact that "if they don't care"... Sad but its their country.

We went shopping at Albertsons today and the very first thing I see when I walk into the store is a liquor display selling various bottles at astonishing prices. I had to shake my head in disbelief when I showed Marion the Vodka Special.

2 for 1 - buy one regular bottle at their incredibly low price and get the next one for FREE. It worked out to about $7 for a litre size. I just don't think selling liquor at these prices is a good idea. 40 years ago I probably would have bought them out of stock but I see things much differently now thru these old eyes. Of course it would be nice to get our booze much cheaper but there are consequences.

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