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We Didn't Stop Here, But The Town Where My Grandmother Lived As...



There wasn’t really a reason to make this journal entry other than the fact that the map feature drew a straight line from St. Ives to Plymouth. When it did, it made it look like we drove through Falmouth on the south coast once again. In fact, we drove inland from St. Ives, on the major highway that runs through the middle of Cornwall and then we turned east towards Plymouth.

The route took us past a city called Liskeard, and I kept seeing highways signs for exits that would take us there. We had no intention to see the city, but I remarked to Anil that my maternal grandmother was raised in a town called New Liskeard in Ontario. My grandmother and her twin brother were born late in her mother’s life, and shortly after the twins were born, their mother died, probably due to the damage done to her body after a difficult delivery.

The twins were raised by separate families. My grandmother went to live in New Liskeard with the Vardy’s and kept her family name Price, while her brother was adopted elsewhere in Ontario by a childless couple and was given the surname Corneal. The twins didn’t meet till they were well into their 60s.

During our travels around the England, Scotland And Wales we have been struck by how many Canadian towns and cities are named after places in the United Kingdom. Homesick pioneers were only too happy to name the places where they settled, New Liskeard was just one such place.


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