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We decided to visit the UFO Museum in downtown Roswell today. If you are into UFO’s, I guess this would interest you but we are not. For $3.00 a person it was something to see. Some of the displays were what people think happened. The display of the flying saucer with 3 aliens out front, I wonder how they all got into it, it is not that big. It is something we can check off the ”to do list”. We did have lunch at a local restaurant, El Toro Bravo Restaurant. It was a Mexican restaurant but the one observation I have made, the food is not real spicy. It was good but needed a little zing. Anyway it was good. It was kind of chilly unless you were in the sun and not in the wind. Drove to the local Army/Navy store but wouldn’t you know it, they are closed on Sunday and Monday, so we will return when they are open. Back to the motorhome for the night.

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