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Baby frogs one day old

A bit of a 'shit' day today and I will explain more later. We leave our Hotel at 8am to spend the day at Selvatura which is a rain forest and adventure park. First thing we do is walk through the rain forest looking for animals and birds but especially looking for the quetzal bird which can be seen in this area. It does start to rain. Unfortunately, Phil took my raincoat out of the back pack this morning as he assured me it wouldn't rain, so now I get wet. During the walk we see some baby frogs. They are so cute and tiny, only about 1 cm but that's the extent of the wildlife though. Despite looking up for 2 1/2 hours, we do not manage to see anything else.

Now it's time for the adventure type stuff. At the ticket office we are explained the options and costs. We choose to do the canopy walk, hummingbird garden and I want to do the zip lining. First we take the canopy walk. This takes an hour and a half and we cross 8 suspension bridges that take us into the canopy of the trees. Whilst the forest is spectacular and we are up in the treetops, unfortunately again, we do not see any birds or wildlife. By the time we finish it is 1pm and the zip line time slots are either 1pm or 2.30pm. Tomas finds me and says to go with the 1pm group but its a bit rushed and I have not got my zip lining equipment yet, so I decide to go at 2.30. Phil and I have lunch, sharing a hamburger at the restaurant which is okay but overpriced! We then spend ages in the hummingbird garden where there are feeders full of honey, suspended for the hummingbirds to feed from. We are able to put our finger near the hole that the birds suck the nectar from and the hummingbirds rest on our finger. These birds are such beautiful colours, deep purples, greens and blues and its fascinating watching their wings go non stop. We could sit and watch them all day but its time to get ready for the zip lining. Phil catches a shuttle bus back to the Hotel and I get the harness, helmet and gloves and go to the vehicle to be taken to the zip line. The guide takes us through the safety briefing but I am starting to feel unwell and need the bathroom. Once the briefing is finished I ask one of the staff to remove my harness as I need a bush urgently. Something I drank or ate has not agreed with me and I just can't risk another hour and a half on a zip line and no access to a toilet. Anyone who has travelled will relate to my story and have a similar tale to tell. Anyway, I am bitterly disappointed that I can't go on the zip line as I was really looking forward to it and really disappointed about the whole day. No birds or animals, no zip lining and that brings me back to the my opening line.

I feel perfectly okay, so once I am back at the Hotel, Phil and I catch a taxi into town. We have a drink at the Treehouse Restaurant which has two levels built around a huge tree with an enormous canopy. It's very pleasant sitting there with some live music, a pizza and beer.

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