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The castle

But where is the bear?

The medieval village

Sleeping beauty

Today we answer the question does a bear shit in the woods.

It seems I scored the best room last night. All the girls complained about their rooms. Initially they had put Libby in the Lynne's. Then she got moved into basically a cupboard. The two Lynnes said you couldn't swing a cat in theirs. Mine was salubrious and I'm considering getting the same shower stall installed at my place. It was really good. Spacious bedroom, windows opened, I could sleep a little cooler, and indeed I got 7 hours so that's good, even if it was fuelled by handfuls of herbal sleepers and all kinds of painkillers.

We had a welcome late start, because we had to wait for the local guide to come to Cesky Krumlov by bus - a 3.5 hr trip. She got there at 9.30 and we tootled off on the obligatory tour around the old town and then a separate tour of the castle. We overestimated the warmth and we were a little chilled in the town and particularly the castle, but by the time we got out it had developed into a magnificent day. It's a very beautiful place, just side by side medieval buildings. It had a nice friendly feel too.

The castle which was really a fort didn't just have us in our tour. We were joined by some English and Asian people. The English people stunk, in particular an older man with an even older, frailer woman. They were dirty and smelly. She seemed to have a knitted teddy bear sticking out her jumper at the front. We aren't sure if it was maybe a hottie bottle cover? Anyway a bloody bear head was sticking out of her jumper like she had two heads. Both of them dirty. Another guy was doing the drawback, snorting snot and phlegm. Dirty pig, and scratching or foundling himself. God knows where they all came from but it wasn't a bathroom or shower that's for sure. David said we may have smelt to them, I said of what? Cleanliness and clean clothes?

The Asian people were just rude. There was one guy who talked at the top of his voice all the way through it, even the guide kept stopping to wait for him to shut up. In the end David couldn't stop himself and tackled the dude. The dude told David to shut up and just move closer to the guide. When David turned around he started gesturing towards David saying just get out, you get out. Everyone said he was doing Facebook, reading emails and surfing the web as well. What a doofus. He was wearing a 15 cm fake blue and purple rose on his jumper. God knows why. He was just an awful man.

The guy who owned the castle decided to keep bears in his moat as a sign of the strength and fierceness of his rule. It was also a symbol attached to his name and that of his ancestors. So the answer is, no... In the moat. I didn't see the bears but Kevin did,i did however see where they'd been. There was heaps of it. And plenty of taxidermied ones in the castle as well.

Czech Republic has three sections and we will go through all of them, but CK is in Bohemia. So that's cool. They had a stone there that's really a meteorite, called moldavite. It's a dark green and in its natural state is kind of pimply, in its polished state it's a beautiful dark green. It was discovered in Moldavia, another of the three sections. I still might buy a piece. Who knows if it will be more expensive in Prague, I'm sure CK is expensive as well.

We got money last night from a bankomat. Well actually the second one. The first one showed the exchange rate and it was so bad I pressed cancel. The second one was 15% better. They were only a few metres away from each other... It's easy to get caught. It's the first country to show the exchange rate, I'm glad it worked in our favour on this occasion.

We will be looking out for this in the future. The apps on our phones have been really good for all money changing, the weather etc. Years ago it was all hit and miss. It really is much easier to travel nowadays.

We didn't have long to get back to town, do shopping and get lunch so we started to head back to the stair shortcut and I kept saying to Libby this is the wrong way, but she was adamant she was right. Soon Kevin said... This is wrong, I breathed a sigh of relief and soon we were heading back to town. The boys bought some baubles, I just got lunch after passing up the black velvet evening bag I thought I might buy at 999 krona, fifty bucks approx our money. Back at the square Rita said good, we are all here, let's go and we will stop for lunch on the way. Jeez Louise... She really should give better instructions. She just says what she says to whosoever is with her at the time. The info is very hit and miss.

The guide is coming back on the bus with us to Prague and it seems will be our local guide there too. She has already warned us of the gypsies. We haven't been bothered so far by them, David says they are on holidays in warmer places. We think they are pretty wealthy as they are very skilled at what they do.. They remind me of cattle or sheep dogs... Separating their prey, circling, moving you to where they want you to be, or where they want to be... No cameras, easy get away etc. The best ones were in Spain where they worked in threes triangulating the group and acting as helpers, lookouts, distractions etc. So it seems we may get a taste of Czech gypsies.

Some of the signs said krumlova. We think it might be a pav that fell apart? If it isn't it should be don't you think?

Roly was up to his usual driving standard. Whilst being distracted by the driver we almost ran off the road at great speed. A really nice man, not suited to his job. We made it unharmed to Prague at 4.30. I think we are all exhausted.

We haven't lost our senses of humour though. Steven took photos of the video that Rita played and Kevin took photos of Steven doing it. Priceless.

Our rooms are all throughout a total rabbit warren of a building. The porter was adamant he would take our bags as there are many sets of stairs and very tiny lifts. Whilst I am fairly liberated I was quite glad as my back between my shoulder blades is killing me. I'm pretty sure it's related to whatever heinous crime was perpetrated upon my ribs. Sleeping with a rolled up towel between my shoulder blades stopped it getting worse but it's certainly not better. I'm moving around like I'm 102 now. No offence meant to those sprightly hundred year olds. A few minutes after checking in we were sharing a drink in my room and then headed out for a walk and dinner. Kevin had schnitzel on his brain and we walked for hours till he found what he wanted in the shopping centre. David and I just went along with the deal that tomorrow we sit in the square and eat something local and do some people watching. Finally back in my room, way too tired to think I can manage tomorrow but when it comes I will.

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