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It is not sold in otherwise well provisioned grocery stores in PA. Is there a plank in Don's platform to change that law? If so, he might win the state. We finished the audio auto tour and museum, including the cyclorama, a circular mural 42 feet high by 377 feet in diameter. The painting is the work of French artist Paul Dominique Philippoteaux. It depicts Pickett's Charge, the failed infantry assault that was the climax of the Battle of Gettysburg. Impressive. By early afternoon we returned to campground for lunch and laundry. Having gotten a suggestion for where I could find beer to buy, we headed across town to a GIANT store. I loaded beer into cart with other foodstuffs and waited in line for checkout. Put it all on conveyor belt. Checkout girl looks at me and dictates that the beer must be purchased in area where I found it, not at the food checkout. Travel is always a learning experience!

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