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What a beautiful way to start a day!

My baby is dwarfed by one of four props

Big and intimidating!

An intimidating view from the bow

Firing station for the big guns.

Shells biggeer than my bride, but not pretty like her!

Ships ladders are for the young!


Billy's Seafood

A few Royal Reds

Wow, a day to remember! God started my day with a fabulous sunrise, which Linda saw on the electronic replay. After breakfast we headed for Mobile and the Battleship Alabama. We were amazed by it's size and the armament it carried. I always am amazed when I come in contact with war making machines and the huge investment nations make to kill some mothers sons and daughters. Linda was amazed at the confined living space for the crew. I always knew I should have taken her to below decks on the Westwind. I discovered that going up and down ships ladders was a whole lot easier at twenty than sixty six.

On our journey back we found another locals hang out and did not have the buffet. Linda had a pulled pork sandwich and I had a "falling off the bread shrimp Po Boy". That was the name on the menu and it was the truth. Of course we had some sweet tea to accompany our late lunch.

Then we headed for Billy's Seafood in Bon Secour to get some shrimp for dinner. We found the facility neat and clean with plenty of seafood to choose from. The staff was friendly and informative and the boats were tied at the dock behind the place. We bought a bit of our normal extra jumbo and then we spotted something new to us. A bright red shrimp called Royal Red. After learning that they are found far out in the Gulf and at depths of 2000 feet or more we were interested, so a dozen came home with cooking instructions from Billy's. Oh do I wish we had not brought the Reds home! They were delicious and tasted like more. We had them as our appetizer and some of the extra jumbos for dinner. We'll probably finish them off tomorrow.

Windy here now, but warming up so we hope to visit the beach tomorrow even if we can't show any skin. It is quite likely that we will be forced back to Bon Secour and Billy's to invite some Royal Reds to join us in our trailer for a very short visit.

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