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First on the scene - Chief Photo Calhoun, Lucy and assistant Cindy

first Engine on scene

We turned the corner on our treck homeward when we turned north and east on I-20 near Pecos, Texas heading To Abilene for another nights rest. 1/2 of the traveling team is feeling better or ok (the calhoun's), with Virginia feeling run down and Penny failing, but refusing to give up.

We did about 300 miles today, a good average for us old folks.

I was truly inspired when we stopped In Midland, Texas (home Of George And Laura Bush) fora fuel stop. The Bushes moved To Dallas after The White house and no wonder, the dust bowl we experienced. The up side of the area is the amount of oil and gas work going on in the area, this in spite of our current government's position with energy and jobs. (Ed's position on the situation and the end, especially After Cindy reads this out burst).

We also saw hundreds of windmills on either side of the roadway.

CINDY did the bulk of driving today to Give Ed another day of much needed rest.

Just when we were leaving a fuel stop in Tye, Texas, all of Ed's senses awakened when he saw a huge column of smoke in the near distance and decided to investigate. We were first on the scene of a house trailer fire, fully involved. Fire department had yet not arrived! Ed resisted and observed from a distance and made sure the first engine arriving knew where to go. There was no saving the building and as more trucks and personnel arrived we went about our way. The news later that night said, no injuries and the occupants we're planning to or had already moved. Looks like the fire Marshal needs to look at this blaze. We arrived In Abilene, TX for or stay over.

Next stop Mt. Pleasant, Texas off I- 30 on the other side Of Dallas. We're getting closer to making it back to I-40, our original routing.

Northeast bound.

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