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Matt Sheriff of Nottingham. Minus his mink and ermine coat

Pete Bevan Jennie

Pete scissorhand

Pete 'scissorhand' and Jen the suffraget at the bar

Scissorhands going wild in the centre

Maid Marion Sherie with Snow White (Allysa) and a friend

Anne Yve Jennie

Arrived in Fleet for Matt's 40th birthday. This was not the initial reason for the trip though I think other guests thought it was and were most impressed! we had been talking of a trip and the need to get it in before Olympics. Jennie realised it could be synchronised to catch the birthday. Sherie's birthday was a few weeks ago so it became her party too. THEN it became a dress up party. an S and or M theme.

We were told we didn't have to dress up, but Jennie, as always, was very creative, with purple, green and white ribbons, one of the dogs purple rosettes and appropriate clothing, was a suffragette.

Bevan wore his reddish shirt and a red fedora and called himself magical Santa.

Pete told a friend about the party and was offered a costume. We were most impressed when he appeared as scissorhands(especially when he danced, having hand extensions made it look like he was making amazing whole of body moves).

My creativity in this area is a bit limited so I bought myself a shiny sequined silver beret. And that was it!

Matt and Sherie were the Sherrif of Nottingham and Maid Marion. Alyssa was Sleeping Beauty, looking very much the part with a very blond wig.

It was a great party, though I'm showing my age. The music though good, was too loud for me to hear what people were saying. Particularly tricky when one of Matt's classmates who he had recently reconnected with with here in England was introduced to me by Bevan who had taught her at La Salle. The reason for introducing me? She had taught in Kunnunurra from 1995 to 2000. For the Kimerleyites on the contact list, it was Karin Abell. Unfortunately I was too busy talking to take a photo of her with her husband. If someone else took one I'll try to get a copy.

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