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National Historic Trails Interpretive Center

The Center

Entrance - Covered Wagon?

Entrance Hall

Wagon Ride

Just Stay In The Wagon

It's Broke

No, It's Work!

Stage Coach Ride

Casper, Laramie Mountains

Still Some Snow

Fort Casper Museum

May I Take Your Order?

Fort Casper

Fort Casper



Spiced Oysters and Stomach Bitters

North Platte Bridge

North Platte Bridge

Lisa H. - Bring Your Dogs!

We start our day at the National Historic Trails Interpretive Center. I get more stamps. I think we might be on pioneer overload but this is a great interactive museum! It is Sunday so we have the place to ourselves. The rangers are anglers so John is happy.

The entrance hall shows scenes from the Oregon, Mormon, California and Pony Express Trails. We watch another great video here.

We take a wagon ride across the North Platte River. It is a very well done simulation. The wagon rocks and rolls. You feel like the wagon train master is talking right to you. “Just stay in the wagon!”

I pull a Mormon Handcart. At first, I think it is broken. I cannot get it to move. I finally push hard enough. This is work!

The entire museum is well done. We learn that Casper is the last crossing of the North Platte for the pioneers. It will be for us also.

Our second stop is the Fort Casper museum. This is a reconstructed fort. It is a beautiful day to just walk around outside. The remnants of the Old Platte Bridge are here. This turns out to be another good museum.

I spend the afternoon getting ready for our route north. We are going to Yellowstone!!! I know, I mentioned that yesterday. John hears it about ten times a day. I am so excited.

Campground: Casper KOA

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