Beyond Texas to New Zealand travel blog

Oct. 14, 2012 We went on a short hike with Lynne and John in the morning and then left in the early afternoon for the airport. Off we were going to Christchurch, NZ to begin out next adventure. Unfortunately, I had washed my hiking pants and my ferry/bus pass. Lynne had provided these for G and I so I felt really bad. To make matters worse, I had even asked G if his pants’ pockets were empty before I laundered them. So my consequence was I had to buy a rail pass. The only other interesting thing that happened is when we got to our hostel at 11pm we could not get inside to get the envelope with our key in it. We could see it through the door window but the door was locked and required a code to unlock it. I didn’t have the code! Thankfully, after 30 minutes, someone came to the door and let us in. I hope someone let the other two envelope holders in when they arrived!

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