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Hello all,

Phnom Penh is a great city! On arrival we checked in, all sweaty and hot from another "air-conditioned" coach ride, to a decent hotel after, got showered up and hit the town for some of the best food we have eaten so far on our travels. Fried squid stuffed with pork, roast cow, steamed rice and raw veg. All washed down with lots of iced local lager.

Petrina is now a well established stout drinker which gets some funny looks from the odd local bar flies hehe.

Absolutely fantastic market and prices so cheap you come away wondering how a profits are made. Until you meet someone with the same hat, t-shirt or ticket who bought it cheaper, usually from the same person. The funny thing is if you end up paying more in places like this it's like a difference of 30p, hardly a rip-off!

If our first couple of nights in P.P. were great fun visits the next day to S-21 and The Killing Fields certainly were sobering, harrowing, bewildering, actually I give up as words can't explain it. All know is that I came away loving the Cambodian people even more than before for having to go through that.

You don't see many people who look over 60 or 70 out here few in there fifties come to think of it especially men. I suppose if a quarter of the population is wiped out that's why it is like it is. The only person we've seen who looked in his 80's was a fella being assisted in walking to and seated on a bench in the Killing Fields. He broke down in tears as he sat down and I can only imagine what was going through his mind and heart after hearing and reading of the horror of the Khmer Rouge. We saw this chap right at the end of our day to the two sites and it just as I said defies words.

A truly unforgettable day for so many reasons.

Much love to you all and some respectful pictures will be up soon. C & P xx

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