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Entrance to the Tennent Creek Mine (that we didn't get to go...


Lake Mary Ann outside Tennant Creek

Termite mounds

Tennant Creek old telegraph station




An example of those beautiful acacias


Termite mounds start to dot the landscape

See I am doing some of the driving (not much though I...

Acacias along the road

Now we are in cattle country


Yay - we have crossed the border

Still freezing cold in the morning but at least not raining or windy. Hope it warms up today as we are getting sick and tired of the cold.

Had a quick drive through Tennant Creek township. Must admit it is nicer than I expected. It is very small but quite neat and tidy. Drove out to have a look at the mine hoping to have a tour but had not realized we should have made a booking so no tour guide available (it is Sunday after all). Had a wander around the outside then drove out to Lake Mary Ann, a dam which is also a picnic spot, just out of town to have a quick look. Quite an oasis in this dry place but too cold for us to stay any longer than a few minutes.

Next stop was the old Telegraph Station - once again we are were amazed at the ability our pioneers had to make a rustic but beautiful home and how multi skilled they had to be given the isolation.

We also noticed that termite mounds were starting to appear in the landscape.

Drove up to Three Ways then turned left heading towards Queensland. Was really interesting watching the scenery change on today's drive. First of all there were lots and lots of termite mounds - not very big to start with but got larger as we drove further. Then the acacias - so beautiful. The landscape was just covered in them and they are all in flower - was just so lovely. As we got closer to Queensland it the ground got much flatter and covered in grass (buffel we believe) so very obviously cattle county. This became even more obvious when we had to share the road with some crossing to the other side (where the grass was definitely NOT greener.

Stopped into Barkley Creek station for a fuel, lunch and loo stop - crossed the border mid afternoon. SO glad to say weather has warmed up nicely - very handy having the caravan so you can pull over for a change of clothes when necessary! Now camped at small township called Camooweal and enjoying the opportunity to sit outside in the warm evening air - not been able to do this for quite some time!! Went to have a shower and found I was sharing it with a green tree frog about 6 inches in length!! When I went back later he was not in the toilet - lovely!!!

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