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Some of the houses

One of the streets

Another view


Bottom of church

Info on church

Wouldn't you hate to live here

Atlantic Ocean

Toes in the water

Chicken to get in water

Some of the waves

We made it here in about 25 minutes from Portsmouth, NH. We traveled into three states within about 40 miles. And can you believe it, no pictures in Maine or around Portsmouth, NH. Guess I was too concerned about rain and traffic and just didn't think about it til too late,. Oh well, we stayed at WalMart and then drove to campground this morning, about 18 miles. If we'd checked earlier yesterday, would have come on in yesterday. Oh well, would have missed WalMart. LOL After getting set up and cleaning us up, we went in to Newburgport, a quaint little village. Oh now if downtown Fresno was set up like this place, downtown would be really a place. Of course, they would need the coast right there. Sidewalks are all brick and streets go just every way. And if a pedestrian steps off the curb, they have the right-a-way, and the cars stop. Sure is different but enjoyed walking around and just looking at the neatness and cleanliness of the area.

Went to the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon and put my tooties in. Boy, the water was not warm at all. Not many folks down there today, very tourist place, reminded me of Avila Beach area the way it is set up. I bet it is hopping during the summer months. It was so pretty - have clear skies for a bit then big fluffy clouds would come by - some white ones and some would be very dark. Nice place to visit for sure.

We're going to be here for a couple of days, out of Salem about 18 miles and Boston is about 18 miles past Salem. Going to go in to Salem tomorrow, lot of witch history there and they say it's a must see this time of the year. We'll find out - will have more pictures for sure - and then in to Boston Weds. Not sure if we'll stay an additional day and leave here Friday, will depend if we get to see what we want on Wednesday. Suppose to be showers on Weds and then mostly clear Thursday.

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