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James finally finds a meal thats worthy of his appitite!

On the move again!

straight to the serious past time of drinking

whooppee we've seen a tarantula!!! Thats a 1.5 litre bottle of coke...

would you dare?

christmas time in the beer garden

the womens psychedelic toilets, you definatly couldn't go in with a hangover!!!

with the bar staff, Lee stood up at the back is also...

chilling out and relaxing at our digs!

Hi you lot

We have made it to Utila, the smallest and cheapest of the Bay Islands. Its gorgous, just like a carribean island and everyone speaks english thanx to the british pirates that landed hear before the spanish invasion! They used to be owned by Britian until we handed them to honduras in the 70s i think! Its really chilled and a great little relaxing spot but unfortunatly me and James have come here to go back to school again!! We must be mad!! No we have come for the diving, its the cheapest place in the world to get your scuba diving certification and we cant wait! We signed up yesterday and start this afternoon, weve got theory today then we get into the water tomorrow. Were both really excited and the dive sites are part of the coral reef that runs all the way from belize. Utila is also a great place to swim with whale sharks, really hoping we will see one but its out of season although they have still been spotted in the waters around hear!

We went out last night for tea and ended up on the liquid diet and for once it was James that was the beer monster and didnt want anything to eat!!!

The bar we went to was great, it was set up in the trees with a totally psycedelic toilet!! The best thing was though, the barman said oh we have a spider in the cupboard under the sink, yeah right we said but ohhhh noooo!!

Under the sink was a wild tarantula just living there! After all this time of turning stones and poking trees in the jungle we finally see our first tarantula in a bar!!!! One of the other guys, who knew nothing about spiders by the way, picked it up and let it run on his hand, wow it was awesome and huge! I kept my distance, obviously but James got really close to it, wanted to hold it but with it being wild it could have done anything so he didnt bother but really glad we finally saw one. If it was in my room though I would definatly be out under the stars because neither me or James would move it!!!!

Well course starts soon so best be going, got 150 pages to read before tomoz!!

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