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Hundreds of wind generators on the CA. hills.

Marley, are we there yet?

Grass to burn. There was not even grass for the last 500...

5 miles of backed up traffic, Welcome to CA.

Finally our campground.

Bodega Bay.

We came down this way. We found steps back up.

Kids are cold. So are the grandparents.

Still had to walk in it.

Everybody including the dog.

Flowers blooming on top. They smell good too.

We have reservations for the next 3 nights in Novato, CA. It's not far from San Francisco and the beaches we want to visit.

Once we got to the RV park the kids began nagging to go to the beach so we took a drive over to Bodaga Beach. Being the Desert Rats we are.... we didn't think to take jackets. After all it wasn't cold at the Motorhome. It was a very large and nice beach. Lots of people enjoying a Saturday evening at the beach.

We made the best of the cool weather and had a good time.

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