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Going into California.

At the pool at Calico KOA.

A little challenge at the gas station in William's this morning. The slide which was suppose to be fixed was still not locking. When Larry went to fill up with gas, the nozzle wouldn't fit into the tank because of the slide. We had to level the Motorhome, and pull-out and back-in the slide a few times before we made it work. NO FUN!

Later we stopped and called the dealer that did the repair. It took just a few minutes over the phone and we learned how to reset the slides. They could have explained that when we picked it up. Hopefully that's the end of that.


Try to explain to a 7 and 12 year old that the word "California" doesn't mean beach and ocean! We told them we had to drive through desert to get to the ocean. Now they get the picture. It was a long hot day driving through the Mohave Desert. Nothing exciting to report on the drive.

We stopped at a KOA in Barstow for the night. Ava was excited that they had a pool. They also had WIFI which the kids hadn't had for a couple days. The big decision was... Pool or IPads???? Mamu and Pappa made that decision for them. Let's cool off at the pool. They had the rest of the evening for their IPads.

We had company at the pool. Two couples from the Netherlands and another European couple. The first question from the kids ... what are those men wearing? Guess they had never seen grown men in Speedo's. I had to quietly ask then to stop staring and get in the water!! KIDS!!!

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