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Colin at Canyon LAke

Another trip into the desert. This time we were able to hear live music in Tortilla Flat. Colin and I spent a lovely afternoon there and he was just as blown away as Spencer was by the fabulous scenic views.

Colin is leaving tomorrow morning and he still hadn't been to Big Daddy's so we put that on our to do list for this afternoon. When we arrived at 3:30, Owen gave Colin a sample plate of food. I was still stuffed from my chips and salsa at the Flat.

Owen managed to leave work by 4:30 and came home to his apartment where we took down the Christmas tree and other decorations, vacuumed, and restored the place to it's pre-holiday settings. After that - spaghetti pie ( by request).

Colin and I returned to the RV - he went to bed and I did laundry. I am still not tired but I'll be sorry I stayed up this late when 4:45am rolls around and we have to go to the airport. Oh well - I have all the time in the world to catch up on my sleep. For now, it was wonderful being with my boys.

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